Le Quai,

Eccentric, provocative, sensual and seductive, in the heart of the destination of all myths: in just a few years, the Quai has become a must-see address in Saint-Tropez. With an extraordinary view of the Port and a unique sunset, the Quai is a multi-faceted establishment: restaurant, art gallery, HQ for chic aperitifs, incandescent cabaret: the moods follow one another throughout the day and into the night.

Art Gallery


Conceived by contemporary artist Philippe Shangti, the Quai became the artist's first exhibition space: today his work is exhibited worldwide: his glamorous and offbeat photographs are renewed every year, affirming his sharp vision, with clear and powerful messages that adorn the walls of the establishment.

Some of the artist's most sought-after works of art have been exhibited there, such as "Welcome on Board", or the one that made him famous in the art world, "No Cocaine Here".


The Quai is a hedonistic restaurant that gives pride of place to the pleasures of the table: curious and generous, the chef offers a Mediterranean cuisine, tinged with Asian references.

Beef tartar with summer truffles, golden bass and creamy burratina with local tomatoes rub shoulders with Pad Thai, spicy Tom Yam with cod and refreshing salads.

Every evening, a master sushi maker deploys his know-how and performs the art of cutting exceptional products: the refinement of the land of the rising sun and an absolute freshness which are declined in the Japanese classics and original creations.


Both sunny and nocturnal, the Quai offers a rich menu of classic and original cocktails, a champagne bar with a selection ranging from Bellini to Pimm's prestige, and a "Sharing de luxe" in "finger food" format for exceptional aperitifs where aesthetics are magnified.

& Cabaret

Inspired by the artistic creations of Philippe Shangti, every night the Quai becomes the HQ of artists and extraordinary, gracefully provocative shows.

Unique in the Riviera's nightlife, singers, dancers and performers mingle with the clientele in the manner of an improvised stage, and the rhythm crescendos in a very festive atmosphere, until the early morning, in the incandescence of the Tropezian nights.

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parade le quai st tropez restaurant
singers cabaret le quai st tropez restaurant
night parade le quai st tropez restaurant
dancer cabaret le quai st tropez restaurant
Quai Jean Jaurès
83990 Saint-Tropez
12h - 14h30
7:30 pm - 12:00 am
last order at 11:00 pm
00h - 03h
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